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    Plastic bar
    Product Description
    Product Introduction
    Product Description

    Product Application

    This production line is composite of extruder, machine head, cooling sizing mould, heat-insulating plate, braking device, cutting machine, bracket, etc. 

    Usually the extruder screw diameter is φ45~90mm. It is mainly based on the bar diameter to select the extruder model. Meanwhile, it is better that the extruder screw diameter is smaller than the bar diameter for easy extruding operation. For example φ45 extruder can produce bar of diameter φ30~200mm.

    Different screw types are designed for different material. Progressive screw is for PE, PVC, ABS, PC, polysulfone, PPE, etc. Mutation screw for PP, PA,PU, POM, PTFCE, etc. Screw L/D=20~28, E=2.5~3.5, screw head is half round.

    It is optional to place a filter plate between the machine head and the screw to improve the plasticization effect. But for glass fiber reinforced bar, the filter is no needed.

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    Address: No. 81 Xixian Road, Fangqian Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China
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