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    Rigid Vinyl Plank Extruder Machine
    Product Description

    Min.Order Quantity:1 Set/Sets

    Delivery: Less than 30 days

    Port: Shanghai

    Payment Terms:L/C at sight, T/T

    Product Introduction

    SPC Floor Production Process

    SPC floor structure


    1. Use conditions: 380V/3 phases/50Hz(or customizable as per different country's standard voltage )

    2. Materials used: PVC powder, calcium carbonate, stabilizer, lubricant, small materials. Main Material and proportion: PVC: CaCo3 = 1: 1 :2~3

    3. Extrusion rate: 1000~1300kg/h

    4. Line speed: 30-1500m/min Daily capacity: 36-48t/ 24hours

    5. Monthly capacity (30days, each day working 3 shifts 24 hours): 90,000-105000㎡/Line/Month

    6. Product specifications: maximum width is 1050mm, thickness =1-6mm.

    7. Normal finished board width: 980mm Normal finished board thickness: 1.5~4.0mm

    8. Total power of whole machine line: about 294KW (The exact total power may something floating as per different configuration requirements)

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    Contact Sales Team

    Address: No. 81 Xixian Road, Fangqian Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China
    Tel: +86-510-88888090
    Email: sales@jksjx.com


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